Hi! I’m Johnathan,

I have two Shih Tzu and a major sugar addiction.

When not battling Sugar Demons like a gangster, I’m into cooking, traveling, photography, and putting my body through Crossfit. I guess that makes this one of those “Lifestyle blogs”, but really I just want a gym for my creativity muscles.

Here’s some stuff that might end up on this blog:

I travel  internationally twice a year, unless my wife finds a “good deal”, then make it three times. Expect photographs.

Crossfit stuff, but not too much. I once had a Crossfit blog but then I realized everyone was super bored of it, including me.

My dogs.

Game of Thrones and cooking, yes that’s one category.

Lately I’m interested in Photoshop so maybe some cool projects will pop up on this page.

They say drinking competitions can’t be part of a healthy lifestyle, I intend to prove otherwise.

Lastly, I enjoy writing about stuff as a form of catharsis and occasionally self-knismesis.