My friend Roberta called me “disciplined” on Facebook the other day. I thought to myself “Disciplined? When did this happen?” Growing up with ADHD no one ever compliments you on your self control. In fact, “You lack discipline,” is a phrase you hear all the time. Mostly from your parents; Continue Reading

Broccoli Angels

broccoli angels

Before becoming a teacher, I worked in marketing for an insane asylum. Ok, we don’t call them insane asylums anymore. Nowadays we use the more politically correct term “behavioral health facilities”. You wouldn’t think a hospital for the mentally ill would even need a marketing department. It’s not like those Continue Reading


Charter School Problems

I stood nervously behind the stage, trying through sheer will to prevent the little beads of sweat from forming on my forehead. It’s not going well. I’m about to walk out in front of a large crowd of people and openly commit fraud. Certainly this is fraud. I’m about to Continue Reading